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Brandumentals has helped 100s of Amazon sellers launch, rank, and get verified reviews(that actually stick). Our software allows you to take advantage of strategies you can successfully implement, and will impact your business immediately.

Brandumentals is the ONE AND ONLY software that allows Sellers to create fully automated landing pages to market and promote products. Sellers can promote new products with the promotional Landers and also can build a relationship with existing customers by creating Insert Landers. Insert Landers have shown to increase verified reviews by 35%. All while monitoring the launches in the comfort of your own dashboard, meaning you will know precisely how much money you spent on every single launch.

When you work with Brandumentals software, you no longer have to guess how much money you spent on each campaign, you no longer have to use Chatbots or integrate with different tools to verify orders, and follow up for reviews.

Instead, Brandumentals creates the smartest fully automated landing pages for you to simply focus on building your brand.

Our goal is to give you the best software to skyrocket your launch.

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How We're Different

We’ve automated the entire promotional process:

If you want to, we can also manage launches for you, so you don't have to deal with Facebook ads.

Additionally, we work with 6-9 figure businesses. We offer complete ‘hands-off’ launch services, when it comes to ranking new and existing products. Using our proprietary software, with our “Done For You” service, we have been able to help 100s of brands successfully rank and launch new products.
Our services include setting up custom flows, creating and managing Facebook ads and connecting them with Amazon. We target fresh buyers that align perfectly with the brand. We also conduct intensive keyword research to find the best keywords for the products we launch. We only follow strict data to ensure successful campaigns. Our team carefully calculates the cost of the launches from cost of units to cost of acquisition. Nothing is left behind. We can also control the number of units to be given out to customers.
No Secretary, no interns nor virtual assistants, just an honest conversation with our CEO. If you would like us to handle all of your product launches and review generation.

Our Clients Say

CEO-Mobovida Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

"Highly recommended - Feras and team are truly one of a kind. Great strategy, execution and insights from an experienced Seller himself. Will continue to work with them."


Best way to automate launches and be able to calculate actual costs associated to the launches. the software is seamless and the chat flows require the least customer service.


I have been running automated rebates with Feras for the past 9 months. Our reviews have quadrupled and we are ranking on page one for every keyword we wanted. We have every single cost associated to our launches dialed in and accounted for. Thanks Feras, you have gone above and beyond to help us.


By far, the one and only software I have seen with full on native analytics and metrics that calculate and automate product launches. They even accounted the software fees broken down into every single rebate. Brilliant!!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Absolutely not , You may run as many launches as you wish. We do not charge per launch. We only charge the monthly fee period.

The Only Fee We Charge Is The Transaction Fee Admistered by the Merchant Provider When Using A Credit Card, Which To Top Up Your Digital Wallet  Is 3%

Yes, The minimum amount you are able top up your wallet is $100. And there is no max.

No, unfortunately once the wallet is funded we have absolutely no control of the funds. It is your responsibility to determine how much you want to top up the wallet and how to spend the funds inside of it.

Absolutely, we created Tutorials to walk you through set up. Set up should not take more than 2 minutes, and if you are having any issues we will get on a call with you to help you set up properly.

Absolutely, we created Tutorials to walk you through set up. Set up should not take more than 2 minutes, and if you are having any issues we will get on a call with you to help you set up properly.

Have you heard the term ” different is better than better” ?

Well we are different AND better, and here is why:

  1. We are the most affordable platform in the market place, we only charge a monthly fee, we do not take a convince fee on top of what the merchant processor charges, we also don’t limit how many rebates you can do, You may create as many rebates as you have in your digital wallet 
  2. We created the most sophisticated dashboard for you to closely monitor every single launch you have. Meaning you will be able to track CPA, CPC, ADS, CPR, cost per rebate cost per customer. Anything and everything associated to your launches will be monitored so that you can understand exactly how much its costing you to launch your product. 
  3. We use Amazon data to give you the most accurate information. 
  4. We constantly update all the flows templates to stay compliant with Amazon terms and also to make sure that we are ahead on everything. 
  5. We created a platform to help you create an email list and build your own customer/ fans that can help you launch your products. You no longer have to share the same toxic pool of product reviewers from different platforms that recycles the same Amazon buyers, which by the way are already flagged by Amazon. 
  6. We use credit cards as gift card such as Mastercard and Visa card, much better and cleaner than PayPal. 
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