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We're Different

  • We’ve automated the entire rebates process:
    a. No more human errors causing delays and irritating YOUR customers;
    b. Your time is better spent elsewhere as you won’t have to be sending rebates at 2am on a Sunday morning.
  • We’re FULLY TOS-compliant with Amazon & Facebook.
  • We’re not using any pre-built pools of buyers (a #1 reason reviews don’t last and accounts get banned!)
  • We’re building you an asset – every email/Messenger subscriber/phone number we bring belongs to you.
  • We follow data – our KICKASS reports assures you know how much your launch’s costing to a penny.
  • We employ a forever improving mindset, meaning we’ll iterate our way to your success.
  • We develop a genuine interest in your brand protection – our ninja strategies will get your ass protected from whichever assassin comes chasing you.